Needs Analysis QUESTIONNAIRE (Tempus Project)

This questionnaire is part of a "Need Analysis" from Tempus project (no 530154-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-IT-TEMPUS-JPGR), named “Student support and development services-SSDS” which aims to find out new ways and services for students personal and professional development. This questionnaire is ANONYMOUS, not mandatory, and will be very helpful to understand the SSDS needs.

Part 1

This part of the questionnaire consists of 11 questions and aims to explore your views and opinions about certain dimensions of higher education. There is no right or wrong answer, what matters is your response about the issues covered by the questionnaire.

1. Which should be, in your opinion, the main mission of the university? [maximum 3]
training specialists / professionals in different fields of study
training graduates adaptable to the labor market demands
strengthening the values ‘system of students
forming new competencies

2. In your opinion, on a scale from 1 to 5, to what extent the university’ mission is accomplished?
to a very small extent
to a very great extent

Why? [maximum 3]
both teacher and student do not show seriousness
form competent graduates
university meets the training needs of students
inadequate equipment of university
inadequate curriculum to labor market demands
formalism, bureaucracy
both teacher and student strive for success
limited access to information
higher education should be more oriented towards meeting the students’ needs
subjective evaluation
tensioned teacher-student relations
poor practice
corrupt teachers

3. Indicate some ways in which this mission could be accomplished. [maximum 3]
adequately equipped laboratories
motivating students
entrance/admission examination, not selection of files
curriculum should be according with labor market demands
motivating teachers
proper training and evaluation of students
treat students with respect and not with superiority

4. What university’ services should be available in order to meet student’ academic training needs? [maximum 3]
tutoring/mentoring student (on second or third year at university)
student social services
mobility counseling
skill development
career counseling
alumni services

5. What should do a tutor student to help first year students performing better? [maximum 3]
overseeing academic and personal progress during student’ course
help student understand course’s approach to learning, skills development and assessment
act as a first point of call if a student is experiencing difficulties arising whilst at university
reflect on student’ progress, identify his learning needs and develop useful study strategies
access additional support and advice, if student need to
support student’ academic development
help student to become a member of the University community and make the transition into Higher Education
provide student’ official University reference
plan and record student academic, professional and career development
helps the student to orientate better on campus

6. What should make the social services to help students? [maximum 3]
ensure decent living conditions in campus
provide higher scholarships, especially for disadvantages students
offer discount transportation’ coupons
facilitate internet access in campus
facilitate a loan for students in order to have decent financial conditions;
provide food in a restaurant / canteen on reasonable prices;
distribute free holiday ticket for the best students;
ensure health services (access to gym, swim, a campus doctor, so on)

7. What are the main objectives of a mobility career center from university? [maximum 3]
to improve abroad employability
to find internship for students
to facilitate university partnerships & arrangements
to develop the linguistic and intercultural skills
to inform students about the abroad scholarships
to maintain a permanent contact with the students which study or work abroad

8. Which are the main skills which must be formed on a student by a specialized counseling university center in order to develop professionally and personally? [maximum 3]
learning and study skills
time management skills
skills to reduce stress in session but not only
interpersonal skills
management of change skills
creativity/innovation skills

9. Which are the main tasks of a career counseling center from university? [maximum 3]
facilitate student decisions regarding them career;
assistance in realizing the work instruments (CV, letter of intent, motivation letter)
evaluating the professional skills
preparation for the selection interview
assistance in choosing master or PhD’ degrees
guidance in realizing the career plan

10. How can an alumni center (alumni relations) help students? [maximum 3]
giving information about the cultural events from university but not only
establishing work sessions about the real labor market demands;
helping students to have access at all publications regarding their professional interests
implication of students in the research activities
involving students in lifelong learning programs developed by alumni
offering all types of advices when students need

11. What should be done in university so that all student needs to be satisfied? [maximum 3]
to choose a chancellor student and a senator student which must defend the students’ rights in senate
a real communication teacher-students, representatives of the university-students
a better information regarding the events organized in the university
more free scholarships for poor students
realizing workshops, conferences with the employers from the labor market
more free foreign classes for students;
to establish a work schedule taking into account the hygiene of work’ rules
a psychotherapist for deeper problems

Part 2

This part of the questionnaire aims to explore your views and opinions about the auxiliary services offered by the university. The questionnaire is ANONYMOUS.

1. To what extent are you satisfied about the quality of university’ services offered by:
Faculty administrator
Cleaning Lady

2. To what extent are you satisfied by the quality of the next facilities from university:
Coffee machine
Hygiene in university
WiFi internet
Temperature (heat)
*University (a must-fill-in field)
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