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Career Development Center
by Raziya Isayeva - Sunday, 20 September 2015, 4:32 PM

The Career Center assists University students in the transition from undergraduate and graduate studies to careers, by offering an opportunity to explore career options through consultation and by providing access to materials related to career development, including online resources, and a wide variety of alternative services. The Career Center conducts individual and group career consulting and assessment sessions to assist students in: evaluating career opportunities and making strategic decisions; preparing resume/CVs and covering letters for interviews, and application forms; planning and preparing for graduate school; providing information on international fellowship and scholarship programs. The Career Center provides information resources that enable students to take active responsibility for their career decisions and job search by: access to career development related materials; online database access; regular career opportunity announcements. The Center establishes relationships with potential employers in order to provide students with professional skills, integrate academic education with work, and explore employment opportunities. This Center is supported by ssds project.